Character Matters

As lifelong learners, all members of the school community are explorers.

In today's ever-changing global economy, it takes more than skill mastery to find success beyond school. More than ever, it takes an internal drive and disposition to find that success. Our school culture will focus on developing the four traits of Explorer's Character

  1. An explorer has grit. Explorers take on challenges and accept failure as a part of discovery learning. Explorers stay positive despite setbacks, understanding that obstacles may slow them down but never cause them to quit.
  2. An explorer seeks his or her passion. Explorers go into the unknown with confidence and optimism of what they may discover. Explorers become lifelong learners and share their passion with others.
  3. An explorer takes ownership. Explorers are responsible for their work and for the choices they make. Explorers are accountable for their attitude. No matter the situation, explorers stay positive.
  4. An explorer values teamwork. No great explorer ever achieved greatness alone. Explorers understand that honest communication is essential for teams to collaborate effectively. Explorers work together to make a positive impact within the school and greater community.